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The Little Book of Candles by Devon Fredericksen

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Let this book illuminate your life as you learn everything about candles, from the self-care benefits to decorating, history, and setting the mood. With descriptive illustrations and photos, this is the perfect gift to pair with candles.

This little book is both giftable and unique, complete with easy tips, décor ideas and craft projects, as well as inspirational quotes, rituals, and routines.

This book serves as an entry point into all things candles, from homemaking and decorating to setting your intention and harnessing the power of aromatherapy. Find out how to use candles for creating your space and why lighting affects your psychological mood. Experience candles in a new, expansive light in this all-encompassing little book.

  • Perfect compliment to candles as the book showcases how to set the mood of your space (and yourself) through the psychology of lighting, specific candle colors for the moment, and the meaning of scent
  • A beautiful book and guide about candle décor, crafts, history, practical tips, waxes, styles, and shapes

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