Our Autumn Shop Playlist

Our Autumn Shop Playlist

When people think of autumn, perhaps the last place they think for inspiration is the beach. But on the island, fall is a local's favorite time of year. Watching the sunset while seeing the pampas grass emerge from the dune grass and the cool ocean breeze blowing is the best part of the season down here. A golden fall is the essential backdrop for fall on the island.

Trying to capture this feeling to people can best be described by what candles we are burning and what music we are playing. The candles and music are things that can bring a coastal fall to your space, no matter where you are. We select candles that channel all of our favorite parts about the season like pumpkin chai and fall harvest, and some that represent fall on the coast like sea salt and orchid

And then there is season-inspired music. From cozy classics to memorable movie tunes, this playlist makes us feel like putting on our coziest sweater, lighting a flickering candle, and opening a captivating novel. 

Click play below or find it on Spotify.


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