Welcome to TheDuneMarket.com

Welcome to TheDuneMarket.com

I can't believe the day is finally here! Welcome to our new digital home for our little shop in Beach Haven. 

If we haven't met yet, my name is Emily, and I opened this cozy shop called The Dune Market in my hometown on Long Beach Island earlier this year. Since the day we opened it has been a joy to welcome visitors and locals alike through our doors.

We've discussed everything from kitchen renovations to the best beach reads. We've wrapped gifts for all sorts of milestones–birthdays, wedding showers, engagements, new homes, new babies, and so much more. And we've been telling the stories and the missions behind our products every step of the way. 

Now, I am thrilled to translate that shop experience online. Why don't I give you a little tour of our new digital destination?

what you will find on thedunemarket.com

The same shop, now available online

While there's always something special about seeing a shop in person, we strived to bring the same cozy, coastal spirit to our website. It is organized in the same fashion as our shop: The Cottage (home section), The Apothecary (wellness section), and The Bookshop (our curated beach reads). Nearly everything you find in our store can be shopped on our website and shipped to all 50 states.

Looking for vintage? We'll have collections available soon.  

And just like in the shop, each product tells a story and we ensured that we included those stories in our descriptions.  

Curated collections for every occasion

Designing a website may be quite different than designing a shop but in the absence of dedicated tables of home decor, hutches of candles, and all that makes The Dune Market what it is, we have created digital collections of our products. Together, they tell a story, whether of a coastal autumn, spent reading by a flickering fall candle like our first collection, or of a holiday dinner party, gathered around a beautiful table, and so much more. 

We'll continuously be creating new collections of new products and customer favorites, all meant to celebrate life's big and small moments. You can see our first collection here, called A Coastal Autumn.

Our full bookshop of beach reads

While sitting on the beach with a book may be coming to a close as winter draws near, beach reading doesn't have to be! Our curated bookshop of light, breezy books is packed with old favorites and new releases, all available online. And we even have seasonal novels that capture the essence of the holidays and seasons we love most. Want to see what we have for Halloween and autumn? Check out our collection, A Coastal Autumn, which features many of our favorites.

Our new blog, The Dune Post

You may have already discovered this, since you are on this page, but welcome to The Dune Post! This blog will feature it all–the latest updates from the shop, the behind-the-scenes, and who and what is inspiring us here at The Dune Market. We hope to pen thoughtful posts that uplift your day and celebrate the island we call home, and all who make her so special. You can expect posts from us at least weekly on here.

Our new newsletter, Letters from the Sand

This is our version of a postcard from LBI. Each week, we'll send just one thoughtful email packed with inspiring content, curated collections, and the latest news from the shop and beyond. Plus, we'll send exclusive discounts and offers, available only to subscribers. You can sign up for Letters from the Sand here

thank you

Since the day I signed my lease earlier this year, opening this shop has been a whirlwind and an experience I never dreamed would be this wonderful. That is thanks to everyone who has walked through our doors, cheered us on from near and far, and supported us along the way. To build a business inspired by the island I've always called home is such a privilege but it wouldn't be possible without the support of our community. Thank you for making this new chapter a reality.

Launching this website was more work than I ever fathomed but this was a team effort, and a special team at that. Colleen Shaffer (who you may recognize from this summer if you came into our shop!) became our first full-time employee in August and worked tirelessly to make this website come to life. She also curated many of our fall books and our first Book Playlist!

Courtney Hengemuhle from Sea Fleur Studio captured all of our product photography and reflected our shop so perfectly in each one. Many of these photos were taken here in our shop or where I grew up in Brant Beach! 

Quincy Bulin Ege, who I had the privilege of working with on my first business many years ago, did all of our copywriting, telling the story of each product and why it is so special along the way. Fun fact: for a relatively small shop, we have a LOT of products here at The Dune Market! 

And finally, there is our in-shop team. They helped us prepare for launching online during the summer, advising on our fall candle selections, learning about what our visitors valued in our shop, and unpacking countless boxes of extra inventory. Alex, Erica, Grace, Faith, and Shani, thank you for taking a chance on this new shopkeeper. 

So there you have it! The Dune Market's new digital destination tour has ended. Just like our shop, I hope you make yourself at home here on TheDuneMarket.com. Thank you for making this new chapter possible. 

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Absolutely beautiful description of your wonderful Dune Market and a great opportunity to keep connected during the winter months.

Andi Watkins

This is so exciting!!

Alyssa Sablosky

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