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Why We Garden by Claire Masset

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Explore the mystery of what makes us love gardening, via history, science, art, and philosophy.

Whether you seek sanctuary in your potting shed, find paradise amongst your patio plants, or enjoy the simply solace of your hands in the soil, there is beauty, peace, and happiness to be found for every gardener in this thoughtful and entertaining collection.

Both a hymn to gardening and a call to action, this down-to-earth guide is worth a hundred how-tos. Wander the gardens of Giverny with Monet to create your own beautiful masterpiece or, like George Orwell, reap the joy to be found in the work of an allotment. Discover the soothing symmetry in the spiral of sunflower seeds, or, like William Morris, provide a wild abundance of floral habitat for the natural visitors to your garden.

Drawing inspiration from gardening greats—from the ancient Greek and French philosophers Epicurus and Voltaire, via the wisdom of Margery Fish and Gertrude Jekyll, to Monty Don and modern-day guerrilla gardeners—this beautifully illustrated compilation is a thoughtful gift for any gardener.

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